Lazy Sunday: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I discovered VSCO Cam when I transitioned from Android to an iPhone. This app is amazing at creating and editing photos, but I like to think that it’s more about the power of creating narratives through photography. The coolest feature, for me, is the “journal” feature which allows you to comment or “narrate” with your photos.

VSCO Cam is a great app to create narratives through photography.

I created my first journal, and simply narrated about my Sunday with my daughter and niece. A few days later, My daughter saw the “journal” and I decided to read it to her. She was simply tickled that there was a story, out there in the world, with pictures of her and cousin. So, I think I’m going to use the journal feature to simply narrate stories of my life that are designed to tell our story (the story of my family). Aww…

Check out my story on VSCO Cam: Lazy Sunday: Girls Just Want to Have Fun.


BookMark 1: Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place

Let me begin by saying that I am a painfully slow reader. Painfully. I cringe during every social conversation I have about books, and the amount of time it takes me to finish one. My friends fly them through them with lightening speed, while I crawl through the pages sopping up every, single word. But, I have come to accept my tortoise-like posture when it comes to reading. My final word is that I’m a connoisseur of language; I swish the words around in my mind to tease out every hint of intent, meaning and feeling it implies.

Gloria Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place. Join me for my first, live Periscope discussion Tuesday, August 12 at 12:15 p.m. CST!
Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place. Join me for my first, live Periscope discussion Tuesday, August 11 at 12:15 p.m. CST!

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The Essential Questions

My essential question.
My essential question.

At various points in my life, I come to a place where I am simply full of questions.

Am I being effective and efficient in my work? Am I  on the right path? Am I being true to myself? Am I communicating the message I wish to portray? Do I really like these shoes?

Sometimes, the questions lead me to very real and authentic answers, and sometimes they simply lead me to no answer at all. But, there are those moments when these questions lead me to deeper inquiries of my being, and this is where the good stuff happens! I like to call these questions my life’s essential questions. Continue reading “The Essential Questions”

Good Food

As I continue my health and wellness journey, I realize that food is fuel. The elements you put in your body either help or hinder your body’s natural processes and ultimate performance. When we hear “clean eating” and “good nutrition,” I think it scares us because we think it’s beyond our reach or that we have to subscribe to a rigorous diet (there’s that word) that restricts us from a happy, relationship with food (yes, I have a loving relationship with food; he treats me exceptionally well). But, simply, healthy eating is about changing the way you see food, and changing your mind about the role it plays in your life. Here’s how it’s happening for me: Continue reading “Good Food”