youngŸ-ur-ŸbanŸ-mom-Ÿmy noun \ˈyəŋ-ˈər-bən-ˈmə-mē\ : a woman, who is young at heart and in spirit, that seeks to nurture herself and her family through self-love, hard work, and the pure knowledge, wisdom and instinct that God, the universe, and the beauty of nature adorns her with. A youngurbanmommy lives and/or utilizes the resources of the city to educate, entertain herself, her family and her friends. She knows that life is for the living, and every aspect of life contains lessons and many blessings!

YUMMY is my attempt to give voice and creation to my “other” selves (as all moms have and must possess) – the mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, financial analyst, homemaker, adjunct professor, non-profit professional, runner, volunteer, counselor…the list could go on. I am one who has way too many interests, yet only one body and life to complete it all in. I love writing, but I don’t have the discipline to make a career of it. I love fashion, but I just don’t have the patience and “pop” to throw an outfit together seamlessly. I love traveling, but I work full-time and can only excursion locally. I love being a mom, but it’s hard as hell and I’m far from an expert on parenting. It’s on these pages, that I let you into my life; but, I have to warn you: It ain’t always pretty, nor perfect.


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