The Anatomy of Change

The outward of effects of change and the reverberation that manifests in your body

Shakes the inside if your being, as if the circulation of your blood switches direction and things are rerouted to bring about a new outcome.

Today I chose not to ignore my feelings, because I knew it would open doors that have been closed out of fear – a sort of Pandora’s box.

Audre Lorde wrote “Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.”

I began to write:



Not good enough.

All of those things that people tell you not to say, or pat you on the back to rid you of the feeling that is there in actuality.

What do these words mean, alone? Nothing.   In context, everything.

And so the windows to my past and present are opened and a voice motions me in to take a seat inside.

“Have a seat. I need to show you something.  You will learn here.  I’m shutting the door, now, and you’re welcome to leave when I’m done.”

I know this will  lead to a greater understanding of myself and my affects.

It needs to happen this way, so the universe and I can dance again.


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