Peace: A Gift or Give-Away


“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth,” – John 14:27

This morning, I felt emotionally and spiritually heavy. The burdens and expectations of every area of my life seemed to mount on my back, with so much pressure and immediacy, that I felt overwhelmed by the simple thought of it. I fell asleep, mid-text, with the TV on and last night’s dinner still on the stove. I awoke in the earliest morning hours, fatigued, teeth clinched, and tense. I remarked on Facebook, “Have you ever just needed to take a day, but felt like you couldn’t stop?”

I pursued the only sense of solace that I knew would put everything in perspective and soothe my agitated spirit and mind – God’s word. I have to admit, part of my agitation stems from my lack of discipline to reading and meditating on God’s word daily. Most days, when I awake, the play button has been pushed and it feels like I’m on fast-forward. This begins everyday with a sense of controlled chaos. Today, however, I knew that I simply couldn’t make it on adrenaline’s fumes; I needed peace to steer me clear of my personal crash.

After reading God’s word and my daily devotional, I realized the power that has been given to me that no one can take but yet I could give away – God’s peace. As I read John 14, I felt the tone of Jesus’ words and the power he placed in the hands of those that love Him. The power of peace is sufficient to carry you and help you endure any storm, obstacle, or challenge. He provides comfort in his omnipresence, and serenity in His truth. The peace, that God gives, allows us to render our problems, stresses, and worries powerless in the face of God’s truth and transformative power. We often take for granted, and often misconstrue the popular phrase, “Let go, and let God.” It is not simply a charge to just drop everything and forget about what happens next, nor is it a soothing technique to get us over those uncomfortable moments in life. It is a powerful revelation that confirms that our daily work, in the recognition and honor of God, is enough. The scripture constantly reminds us to “do this in remembrance of me,” and “acknowledge Him” in all our ways. God simply wants us to go forward with Him in mind, doing our daily “work” in acknowledgement of Christ and His commandments. It is our faith in Him, that if we believe that this is simply what God asks of us (and not some supernatural act of perfection and goodness that we can not attain), that we can have peace in knowing that we did what was asked and “let go, and let God.”

Too often, I become so flustered with my inability to pull of perfection in my life. I stress and worry over situations, even after I have done everything humanly possible to address it. It is in this way, that I give the power of peace away – to situations, to obstacles, to problems, to people. I give those stressors authority over the peace that God has given me. I am not letting go, and God can not enter to do much of anything; I have a deadbolt on the door of opportunity.

So, I graciously walk and move into the day with the power of peace knowing that my ” doing” is enough for God and my expectancy is great, not because of me, but because I have truly ” let go, and let God.”



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