Be patient with me, I’m unlearning…

So, this blogging thing is going to be very difficult for me – a former english teacher, lover of literature, and hopeful PhD.  It is for all of those aforementioned identifiers, that this venture will be hard. There are thousands of voices in my head – the writing instructors, the writing manuals, the poets, the authors, the feauture bloggers, the students, my peers, the teachers.  To do this – create a tangible, authentic piece of myself – I have to quiet all of the chammer and write what I feel, see and experience; yet, I must remember the “writing” rules (I mean, I can’t forget I was an english instructor).

See how easy the black and white spaces become gray?

YUMMY is my attempt to give voice and creation to my “other” self – the one who has way too many interests, yet only one body and life to complete it all in. I love writing, but I don’t have the discipline to make a career of it.  I love fashion, but I just don’t have the patience and “pop” to throw an outfit together seamlessly.  I love traveling, but I work full-time and can only excursion locally.  I love being a mom, but it’s hard as hell and I’m far from an expert on parenting. It’s on these pages, that I let you into my life; but, I have to warn you: It ain’t always pretty, nor perfect.

So, please be patient with my process. As I pour out my heart to you, I hope it’s interesting, charismatic, funny, moving, yet…grammatically corrrect.



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